Developing FlatCAM

Add to the awesome!

Help developing FlatCAM is always welcome. Here are some ways to be part of it.

Report Bugs

Share a problem you've found in the Discussion Group. If it's definitely a bug you can create an issue in the issue tracker.

Solve a Bug

Visit the issue tracker to get familiar with what we are working on and/or needs work.

Do some testing

Many features have to be tested all the time. Get the latest release, or even better, the latest source and run it through some test cases.

Speak your mind!

Suggest changes and features. Ask questions in the Discussion Group.


FlatCAM is open source and it has a public repository. You can take a look at the code right now. If you want to write a bug fix or add features, create a fork of the repository, make your changes, and then make a pull request. This is Git lingo. You can learn more about Git and the FlatCAM repository in Bitbucket.