Common Issues and FAQ

Stuff that is not in the manual.

I have multiple Geometry Objects but want a single G-Code file.

As of version 8 you can cambine/merge Geometry objects. Simply select the objects that you want to caombine from the project list and click on Edit → Join Geometry.

Now you can create a single CNC Job from the resulting Geometry object.

My drill file is not aligned or correctly scaled to my Gerbers

Parsing Excellon is a nightmare and formats from different PCB programs seem to be quite inconsistent. FlatCAM does not have a clear set of rules to understand coordinate numbers.

Fortunately, the problem is usually just that the coordinates are scaled by some power of 10 and there is no data corruption. To fix your design, just scale your Excellon object in FlatCAM by 10 or 0.1.

For further information about how FlatCAM parses drill files, go to